Guiding Values

These values are guidelines for our behavior as staff members of Redding Rancheria. We expect that people will apply them with intelligence and judgment, recognizing that at times there are some natural tensions among the values.

Serving Others
We are here to provide excellent service with a caring attitude. We are proud that our work serves tribal members, each other and the larger community.
Working Together
We are actively involved in building a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, within and between departments, functions and workplaces. Because we work together and support each other, we are a smarter and more effective group.
Doing What’s Right
Our decisions and actions reflect integrity and honesty. We are committed to earning and keeping the trust of the people we serve. We do not seek nor accept personal gain for our actions.
Embracing Change
We honor our traditions and recognize that change is an ongoing part of our environment. We face the challenges and changes in our work with creativity, innovation, adaptability and a sense of humor.
Respecting Differences
We seek to understand differences in ideas, approaches and perspectives and we welcome people from all backgrounds. We understand that our diversity makes us stronger and better as a community.
Balancing Life
Although work is our focus together, we realize that life is more than work. We encourage healthy lifestyles that support mental and physical well-being. We believe a balanced employee is happier and more productive.

2024 Guiding Value Award Winners

Clayton Romo-Working Together

Tianna Lendt-Doing What’s Right

Coleen Wilkes-Embracing Change

Josh Manutai-Respecting Differences

Shannon Cohen-Balancing Life

Christine Boring-Serving Others