Wellness Program

At Redding Rancheria we care about our employees and the wellness of our people. We have developed a program providing healthy options to incorporate in your daily work life. We provide weekly exercise classes on and off site, gym memberships to local community gyms, four fully equipped gyms at all three clinic location and the tribal admin offices, farmers markets, health education classes, as well as monthly challenges to keep you motivated throughout the year.

Onsite Classes

Google Calendar has the current times and locations for all the classes we provide Strength and Cardio with Dale, Reformer Pilates, yoga, and Boot camp. Class participants are entered into a monthly raffle giving you a chance to win some fun and healthy prices.

Family Fit Events

Rock Climbing Wall, Rare Air, Rafting on the Trinity River, Tennis at Sun Oaks, Viking Skate Country, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Disc Golf, Cross Country Skiing, Lake Siskiyou Activities, Snow Shoeing, and much more.

Healthy Lunches

Colorful healthy lunches are provided for you on special dates throughout the year.


Healthy smoothies made and shared with you in office, to help incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

Nutrition Education Classes

We like to offer educational classes giving you the opportunity to learn more about your body and the food you eat. We have held classes like Phycology of food, weight loss education, healthy cooking demonstrations, diabetic education classes and much more throughout the year.

Onsite Fresh Fruit

Fresh, organic, locally grown fruits are delivered every Monday to each of our locations. Pop in any break room and grab a bite!

Massage Chairs

These amazing chairs are provided for you to relieve stress and kick back if needed on your break. Located at each of our buildings for use at your own leisure.

Treadmill Workstations

This is a computer workstation set up on a treadmill giving you the option to complete small tasks while walking slowly instead of sitting all day at a desk.