Employee of the month-April 2021

Janiece Padilla-Community Health Nurse

The following are the reasons Janiece received this award:

  • She has recently taken on several new roles in addition to her regular tasks. She always completes anything asked of her with a positive attitude and a smile. Helping with the vaccine clinics is just one of her new tasks this year and with her past experience in helping with previous group clinics, her knowledge and dedication has been a key component to making co-workers and patients feel safe amongst all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.
  • Janiece is a very caring nurse who listens to her patients and makes them feel at ease. Whether it’s giving COVID vaccination shots, working clinics or just being there to listen when patients come into community health to seek some human connection she is always 100% present to support them in whatever they need. If you got your vaccine, the odds are that Janiece help administer it.
  • She is consistently going the extra mile, carefully reading all the information and making sure we all get our vaccines safely.
  • She is working extra hours, coming in early and staying late if needed and overall she has worked very hard to pull all of the pieces of these new COVID vaccination clinics together. She is working as if she were two people!