Employee of the month-March and April 2022

Brandy Gemmill-ECE Teacher Assistant

The following are the reasons Brandy received this award:

    • She always stays late or fills in wherever she is needed.
    • She serves the children by positively impacting them with her guidance. To this day many of those grown children come up and greet her warmly.
    • She teaches the children to be kind, compassionate, loving friends, in addition to, how to use their own voices and how to be independent by encouraging them to do things for themselves.

Rhonda Conforth-March 2022

The following are the reasons Rhonda received this award:

    • Rhonda showed superior professionalism in assisting me with an escalated patient crisis situation. She knew how to track down nursing support for me, made calls, and kept calm.
    • She shows awareness of patient dignity and respect. She is helpful in teaching other new co-workers. She jumped right in to help with PHP survey readiness.
    • She balances her working life while taking care of her children.