Employee of the month-April 2021

Pooja Jadhav Eshwarlal-Web Developer

The following are the reasons Pooja received this award:

  • She has single handedly created all of our websites for the tribe, including the extremely efficient COVID scheduling website. She was up through the night, building the entire website from the scratch in a single day. The site successfully scheduled 1000 vaccination appointments within 24 hours of launching the website. VERY impressive!
  • She is the only person here capable of creating the level of quality we have come to enjoy from our websites, and she has positively impacted every single department (across all campuses) with her efficiency.
  • Every change request that comes in she figures out how to implement in the quickest time possible, usually within a day. She does work that usually takes an entire team to complete. She does everything with a smile on her face and an incredible can-do attitude.